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Welcome to a community in love with all things SuicideGirls.Com related, the web's most popular adult community for people outside of mainstream culture!

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This is a community open to any gender, but is primarily a place for women to post their photos ('girlies'!). If you're male and fancy a bash at posting photos, mosey on over to suicideboys.

This is an open community, exclusively for those members of Livejournal that are 18+. All underage members will be removed, and pronto!

As a new member, you may wish to write an introductory post (maybe with some photos). It's a nice way to meet our little community, and we like to get to know our members!

  1. This is a community for LJ members 18+, due to the nature of the content featured within. Any users who do NOT have their full DOB in their user info WILL be removed.

  2. We ask that you keep any large/multiple photos behind a cut tag for the sanity of all members.

  3. Rule #2 applies to any of the more risque photos;, if it ain't work-safe, tag it! Posting of any hardcore photos is strictly prohibited, in the event of such material being posting the offending user will be banned and their post deleted. SuicideGirls is a tasteful pin-up site, and this community will be, too. Look to models like Bettie Paige for your inspiration. These photos should be more art than porn.

  4. Any posts or comments of a harassing manner will be deleted. This includes ridicule of any person's gender, sexuality, race etc. The deletion of a post is under the discretion of the moderator or original poster.

  5. As with anywhere on Livejournal, all community members are required to stick to the TOS. Anyone seen breaking the terms will be immediately banned and reported to the LJ team.

  6. Promotion of other communities within this community is strictly banned. All posts breaking this rule will be deleted accordingly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the moderators of this community: